Ultrasonic 25 kHz transducer 3500 watt

Ultrasonic 25 kHz transducer up to 3500 watt. High power “Sound of silence” ultrasound. Our Unique design have enabled us to design high power in higher frequencies than all others.

These are the main features with ultrasonic food cutting transducer

  • Can be cooled with air that is not completely clean, do to the air holes on the side, the dirt will just come out
  • Ultrasonic power up to 3500 watt.
  • Transducer amplitude 18µ
  • No more need for sound proof cabins.
  • Air our let for intensive production speed, where air cooling is needed for cooling the piezo.
  • Perfect clean cut surface
  • Compact equipment with a wide range of application
  • Wide product variety of converters
  • No diameter, weight or thickness limits
  • Easy to maintain.

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