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Continuously ultrasonic welder

Sound of silence, rotating continuously ultrasonic cross welding machine. Sound of Silence, Twin / dual horn – sonotrode – Dual Transducer / booster

Sound of silence, rotating ultrasonic sewing machines and ultrasonic textile cutter.

  • Sound of Silence, 25 kHz.
  • Twin Transducer– converter – Dual booster – Twin booster
  • Welds from both sides, do to heated drum to provide weld in center of 2 materials.
  • High speed even in  2 x 120µ PP up to 37 meters per minute
  • Speeds can be up to 600 meters per minute in automatic lines welding diapers
  • Compact design.

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Ultrasonic welding machines comes in many designs, but common for most of the they are made with 20 kHz, and operator that is using them are them exposed for the high sound level and thereby hearing loos over time.

We have developed our ultrasonic continuously welding machines from 25 kHz and up and thereby no hearing sound or uncomfortable feeling when using them.

The advantage are also that do to the higher ultrasonic frequency you are also able to weld faster and weld material that you are not able to weld with 20 kHz.

Ultrasonic Sewing welders comes under following names:

Ultrasonic sewing machine, Ultrasonic sewingmachine, Ultraschallnähmaschine, Ultraschall Nähmaschine, Ultrasonic cutter, ultraschall textile schneidern, Machine à coudre à ultrasons, Máquina de costura ultra-sônica, Ultradźwiękowe maszyny do szycia, Ультразвуковые швейные машины, Máquina de coser por ultrasonidos, Macchina da cucire ad ultrasuoni, Ultrasonic Cut and seal, Tagliare ultrasuoni e guarnizione, Corte ultrasónico y el sello, Ультразвуковые и печать, cortar ultra-sônico e selo, Ultradźwiękowy cięcie i pieczęć, couper ultrasons et le joint, ultraschall schneiden und versiegeln,

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